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Reply: My thoughts on the Reformation (video-photo)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 10.12.2014


Your theological and historical knowledge is far superior to my own!

We both came to the same conclusion however, I think. If the Catholic Monk and Theologian/Professor, Martin Luther had said to himself. Yes. Indulgences and keeping strict guard on Holy Scripture (and refusal to translate) are wrong, but the Church was of God's making -- so I am inclined to remain in the Church and help to change the bad things within -- then an awful lot of good Christian souls (both Protestant & Catholic) would not have departed early; and there would have been NO subsequent split/confusion in Christ's Church -- regardless of the Church's bad leaders in the 1500's - and also before that.

BUT History and the tumultuous times that Martin Luther lived in forbade that possibility. If the Vatican was not selling indulgences. And if there was not an ongoing Inquisition hunting down heretics. And if the pagan Muslim Turks were not 'acting up' once again, then things may have turned out differently. And the Catholic (Catholic means 'Universal') Church likely would not have been split in half.

What happened was that at that exact moment in time, Martin Luther's correct observance of the corruption in the Church incited the faithful/masses, who in turn were branded heretics and who along with Martin Luther were hunted by the Inquisition, which was backed by most of the royals in Europe.

Those were dark times for the Catholic Church. It could have been easily overcome. And still can. The Catholic Church just needs to point to their Apostolic succession from Peter to all the popes (regardless of the bad anti-pope ones), and apologize for its past errors. It also must get rid of its doctrine that a pope is infallible in faith and doctrines. History has negated that contention. Not only that. People like people more when they 'sincerely' apologize for past errors.

As to Martin Luther. There is no excuse for his rabid Anti-Semitism. Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior was a Jew - and He was proud to be a Jew -- who God had previous declared as the Chosen People.


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