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When do we take offense? (general)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 10.11.2014

I was thinking about what you said and I want to show you why I disagree in the best way that I know how. The Jehovah's witnesses believe that Christ was sacrificed and they accept the sacrifice, they also believe Jesus Christ to be Jehovah's first creation. They teach that we need to "come to Jehovah's organization for salvation", and they deny the incarnation and say that the man Jesus is "dead, forever dead"... that His body was not in the tomb because Jehovah destroyed it, that He caused it to be "dissolved into its constituent elements". In effect, they deny a resurrection. Michael the Archangel, according to them, simply reappeared in the heavens. Paul said that if Christ was not raised, then He died in vain and our faith is useless. But again, Jehovah's witnesses believe that Jesus was sacrificed and that by that sacrifice they will be saved.

I'm not asking whether you believe them to be saved, but whether these are teachings that are completely ok to God as long as they believe that He was sacrificed? I also wonder whether you take offense? Do you take offense simply because they disagree with you, or because it is an attack on God? Is it our duty to speak up when we are approached with these teachings?

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