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Recommended Movie: Luther (video-photo)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 10.11.2014


This is the best movie I've seen on the life and story of Martin Luther.

Let's face it. There were a lot of bad Catholic popes in history. And there was a lot of stupid 'Papal Bulls'. Indulgences were one of the worst. They offered people the ability to get out of Purgatory for themselves or a loved one - for a price - paid to the Church.

Martin Luther was a Catholic Monk and then a Catholic theologian (Doctor of Theology). He just had enough of the stupidity. And he didn't at all like the fact that the Church thought releasing Scripture in local languages would confuse the flock. This was what really began the Reformation. One can question whether it wouldn't have been better to remain in the church and try to fix it, then to split altogether. But that wasn't possible because of the times that Martin Luther lived in. The Roman Church considered themselves infallible and wasn't about to change or back down. One also has to remember that this period of the 1500's were tumultuous times. The church was doing their witch hunts (Inquisition). Luther himself was branded a heretic and hunted by the Roman church - and those (very many Germans) people who followed Martin Luther's teachings were also branded as heretics and were also sought by the Inquisition. Additionally, the Turks were 'acting up', putting military pressure on the Roman Church.

One thing about Martin Luther though. He was right about so many wrongs in the Catholic Church at the time. But on the 'flip side', he tarnished his reputation because he also came across in history as being Anti Semitic.

/s/ Steve @


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