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The Resurrection of the Flesh (revelation)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 09.14.2014

I just really wanted to share something that I find so incredibly interesting... it really helped me to understand the resurrection body. One day I found an article in a Watchtower that really shook my beliefs a bit and scared the heck out of me! I am sure that Christ rose in the flesh and that His resurrected body of flesh is indicative of our own bodies at the resurrection. The Watchtower pointed something out, though, that made my stomach flip flop... they pointed out how our death is compared in the Bible to a seed, that when you plant a seed into the ground, the plant grows and drops the seed coating. Having grown a few plants of my own, I realized that they're right... it's always exciting when you start a new plant and when the seed coating drops off, you finally get to see your baby plant! But if our bodies were like those seed coatings (as Christ and the apostles indicate), then there is no resurrection of the flesh and Christ did not raise bodily!

Then it occurred to me! Christ was the "firstfruits" from the dead... calling to mind the firstfruits of the Old Testament, the barley firstfruits. Every time Christ or Paul mentioned the resurrection in terms of plants or seeds, it was specific to wheat or barley. So I bought some wheat and barley seeds, then started experimenting. What's amazing is that they are not like beans or Wisteria, or most plants for that matter... they never lose their seed coating! After doing some research (b/c I know nothing more about plants other than you stick them in dirt), I learned that these plants keep their seed coatings because the plant can't survive without them. They transform the starches to sugar and give the plant what it needs to sustain life. I just thought that it was a nifty little way to help understand the resurrection body... and emphasize how amazing God is =)

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