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My money is on evil Islam as Mystery Babylon & the Beast (revelation)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 08.13.2014

Mystery Babylon - Revelation 17

My money is upon the most evil thing in the world as being 'Fallen Babylon' - as well as the BEAST. That is Islam! Remember - it is the Jews and Israel (especially Jerusalem) which most prophecies focus on. Israel is the key!

That having been said, no matter what America's problems - and there are many - I can't see Israel's ONLY true friend in the entire world (America) - even though America has wrongfully pressured Israel into giving up its deeded (by God) land (& armed Israel's enemies) - as being the Harlot, Mystery Babylon - or the Beast of prophecy. ONLY evil Islam can & does now - in my opinion fit the role. Unless politics in America drastically change, I cannot see a time when America would not come to Israel's defense.

The key to figuring this out is that what is being described is not a CONCURRENT collection of empires but instead SUCCESSIVE ones. Also remember that Revelation and Daniel go hand in hand.. And in Daniel all the dreams about empires were about successive empires, even if they comprised the same body.

Revelation 17:10 five have fallen; one is, and the other has not yet come, but whenever he does come, he must remain for only a brief time.

This is the key. 5 of the empires have already fallen when this was written around 100AD. What qualifies something to be an empire is that it occupied Israel. These 5, in order (with capital city), are

Egypt (Memphis),
Assyria (Nineveh),
Babylon (Babylon),
Media-Persia (Babylon),
Greece (Babylon) [Greece was original seated elsewhere but Alexander eventually set his throne in Babylon then he died, the empire split into 4 , since it wasn't conquered, its still the same empire. According to Daniel, the offshoot that was significant was the Seleucids, which was the South-East region.. the one that contained Jerusalem]

Each of the empires above did two things... occupied Jerusalem and destroyed the Empire that preceded it.

So those were the 5 that were fallen.

The 1 that "is" , the 6th Empire, was referring to the Empire that was there in the first century AD.. Rome of course.

Then notice it says "the next one has not come yet"

This means there will be a 7th Empire that had not existed up to that point yet.

Satan produced Islam in the 7th century. ISLAM came over 500 years later in the 600's AD (after Christ).

The mantle must pass from Rome to whatever the 7th Empire is by the same methods that worked for the past Empires. Namely, control of Jerusalem is transferred and then the old Empire is destroyed.

Rome (the 6th empire) has one thing in common with Greece (the 5th empire).. both of them had their capital city moved.

The seat of power for Rome moved from Rome to Constantinople. And it was the Eastern Roman Empire that kept control of Jerusalem.. just as with Greece breaking up into 4 groups, Rome sort of broke up into 2 (the Western empire died) however its still considered the same empire and ruled by 1 leader (not 2.. since the Western empire was no longer "Rome")

So who is the 7th Empire?

The Islamic Caliphate

Reference for above: here


LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the entire earth known as Islam here:

5-year-old Christian boy cut in half by ISIS

Number of Muslims have doubled in Britain since 2002. Muhammad is now the number 1 boys name in Britain: Read HERE


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