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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 10 DEC 12 - 05 AUG 14 (general)

posted by PureWord(R), 08.06.2014

Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 10 DEC 12 - 05 AUG 14

BELOW TOPICS from 12.10.2012 - 01.06.2013
are at the link below:

Focused and Faithful

At the Right Hand of God

Faithful with What God Has Given

Peter declared that the world is filled with corruption. But

he also identified its source: “lust.”

Christ or Culture?

Confident in God's Promises

Receiving What God Has Promised

God Keeps His Promises

The Birth of the King

The Joy of Worship

Faithful and Righteous


God's Sovereignty

Perplexed and Agitated

The World of Caesar Augustus

The Love of the Father

The Proper Time

God Cannot Lie


God's Promise of Guidance


God's Plan

Looking Into the Future


Overcoming Your Past

Bringing Order out of Chaos

This Year as Your Seed

Dealing With Sin
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 07 JAN 13 - 06 FEB 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 01.07.2013 - 02.06.2013
are at the link below:

Pain of Sin

Boldness & Humility


Your Life, Calling, and Ministry

Paralyzed by Guilt


The God Who Knows the Future

What God Has Given Us

Changing Our Minds

What Happens Next?


A Deeper Relationship

Diligent and Persistent


Praying for Political Leaders

Moses' Desperate Prayer



Impact on the Community

Someone To Blame

The Deep Things of Satan

The Heart

Since Jesus Came Into My Heart


A Failure?

Turnaround in a Career

Turnaround After a Life of Sin

God’s Books


How Much Land?
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 07 FEB 13 - 12 MAR 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 02.07.2013 - 03.06.2013
are at the link below:


What Seems Impossible

A Different Spirit

The Test


Ready to Do More

A Turnaround for Hannah

The Power of Love

Turned Around by Light

Turnaround at Tyre

A City Turns Around

Turnaround for a Doubter

Turnaround for Weary Men

The Real Power

Your Heart

God’s Covenant Blessings

Ignoring God’s Warnings

Transformed by God’s Presence


Turning Defeat Into Victory

Turnaround for a Son


The One Thing

Mourning into Dancing

The Reward of the Prophet

How the Mighty Fall


Confidence and Boldness

God's Sovereign Turnaround

A Sovereign Turnaround by the Spirit

Turnaround for Troubled Men
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 13 MAR 13 - 16 APR 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 03.13.2013 - 04.16.2013
are at the link below:

- When God Is Silent

- Trusting God Day by Day

- Turnaround for a Cripple

- Blind Spots and Double Standards

- To the Ends of the Earth

- Restored and Turned Around

- Sticking Together Like Glue

- The Strategy of Successful Generals

- Blind Spots

- Two Sons Who Turned Around

- Turnaround for a Rebel

- All Glory, Laud and Honor

- A Green Hill Far Away

- Faithful to God's Word

- A Different Kind of Messiah

- In the Cross of Christ I Glory

- At the Cross

- The Day of Resurrection

- Disappointment

- Deliverance

- Favor

- Jealousy and Ambition

- Favor and Stability

- Sailing Uncharted Waters

- Trust and Obey

- Our Long Journey

- The Test of Time

- A Life Marked by Favor

- Panacea

- Called to Obedience

- Those Who Seem Powerful

- Potential
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 17 APR 13 - 18 MAY 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 04.16.2013 - 05.18.2013
are at the link below:


Old Habits

Influencing Others


Gossip and Speculation

God's Favor

Favor from Seeking God

The Power of the Word

The Impact of Favor

The Favor of Our Shepherd



A Life of Favor

Manipulation and Deception

The Hope of the World

Loving God's Word


Praying in the Spirit

A Wisp of Vapor

Prepared and Ready


God's Principles

The Impact of Our Actions

Favor and Blessing

Defending Our Ground

Making Mothers Glad




Singleness of Purpose


God's Plan
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 19 MAY 13 - 22 JUN 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 04.16.2013 - 05.18.2013
are at the link below:

Your Example

Faith and Boldness

How to Receive Nothing

Prudent and Proactive

God's Refining Process

Faithful Stewardship



Our Help in Ages Past

Useless Arguments

The Lily of the Valley



The Winds of Change

Life's Earthquakes

Whom Do You Trust?

Healing the Oppressed


The People We Know

Committed to Truth

Eternal, Immortal, Invisible

Supernatural Power

Trusting in God

Foolish Pride

This Is Your Life

What We Fight Over


Recapturing Fatherhood

Sojourning Through Life

Convincing Words

Confessing the Word

A New Creation

Our Eternal Song
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 23 JUN 13 - 05 AUG 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 06.23.2013 - 08.05.2013
are at the link below:

Healing of the Nations


Spreading the Good News

How Does Jesus Answer Prayer?

Praising and Boasting

God's Plans for His People

Other Gods

Missing Out

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Blessed Through Endurance

Prayer and Intercession

Doing Your Father's Business

Showers of Blessing

Planted by God's River

The Blessings of Wisdom

A Life of Blessing

The God of Blessings

God's Prayer of Blessing

Obtaining Favor

Understanding Leads to Favor

A Message for Everyone

A Revolutionary Message

Inheriting the Earth




Persecuted for Being Faithful

Loving Our Enemies

The Source of Inspiration


Count Your Blessings


Real or Deceived

Countless Blessings


Overflowing Blessings

The Blessings of Persistence

Spiritual Couch Potatoes

Joy in the Lord

The Work of the Spirit

Your Responsibility

A Passion for God's Word
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 06 AUG 13 - 08 SEP 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 08.06.2013 - 09.08.2013
are at the link below:

- The Kingdoms of this World

- Absolute Surrender

- Then You Will Know

- Ready When God Speaks

- The Inner Court

- Your Private Life

- Standing in the Gap

- Faithful and Obedient

- The Glory of the Lord

- Experiencing God's Presence

- Faith or Works?

- Fruitfulness

- Returning and Rest

- Stability

- Forgiveness

- 'Tis So Sweet

- The Ecclesiastes Coda

- Only Believe

- Absolute Truth

- A War Cry

- Craving the Ruler's Favor

- God's Book

- Who Influences You?

- Unmet Needs

- Living for Christ

- Your Treasure

- A New Beginning

- Give of Your Best

- The Future

- Restlessness

- Giving God No Rest
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 09 SEP 13 - 09 OCT 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 09.09.2013 - 10.09.2013
are at the link below:


Remembering God's Word

Be an Example

God's Love for You

A Covenant Relationship

Living in Obedience to God

Impacting Lives


Knowing the Seasons

More Precious than Gold or Silver

Understanding and Knowing God


The King Who Needed to Be Humbled

Trust and Prosperity

Fire in Our Bones

Obedient Regardless of Consequences

Conflicting Messages

Just a King

Inspired, Enduring Forever


Jesus, Lover of My Soul


Making God's Word Known

Faithful for the Harvest Time

Crop Rotation

Absolute Trust in God

Quenching the Spirit

Deceitful Fantasies
Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 11 OCT 13 - 05 NOV 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 10.09.2013 - 11.05.2013
are at the link below:
Who Are You

Finishing the Race

Being Trustworthy


Living in Obedience to God

All We Like Sheep

God Speaks to His People

Humble and Hungry for God

Knowing the Seasons

Who Can You Trust?

Too Difficult

Our Own Thoughts


Freed from Worry


Faithful in Little Things

The Things of This World

What Belongs to Others

The Whole Earth


Making Evil Attractive

Navigating Troubled Waters

Guided by God's Wisdom

The Gospel for Everyone

The True King of Kings

Failing Forward


Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 06 NOV 13 - 10 DEC 13
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 11.06.2013 - 12.10.2013
are at the link below:

Unlikely Beginnings

All the World to You?

The God of All Creation

Your Unique Calling

More About Jesus

An End to the Fighting

Saved by the Mercy of God

Facing Boredom

Where to Get Your Confidence

What Is Your Money Worth?

Better Than Gold

Your Life's Purpose

I Love to Tell the Story

Sold Out

Convincing Proofs

Going Deeper

Firsthand Experience


Every Part of Life

Addressing the Root Causes

The Moment of Revelation


Saving a Skeptic

The Claims of Christ

The Claims of Christ

All for Christ

Every Stormy Wind that Blows

Hope in God

Specific Directions

A Closer Walk with God

The Chariots of God

The Chariots of This World

The New Man

Obedience to God's Word

Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 11 DEC 13 - 11 JAN 14
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 12.11.2013 - 01.11.2014
are at the link below:

The Father's Love

Acceptance and Encouragement

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

Lord, Speak to Me

A Christmas Reminder

God Speaks to His People

The Glory of God

Hearing the Voice of Jesus

O Come All Ye Faithful

O Holy Night

Times That Try Our Souls

The Hope of the World

Breaking Habits

A Passion for the Bible

Commitment to God’s Word

The Unknown

The Power of Jesus’ Name

The Beginning

Making All Things New

God’s Timeless Plans

What Child Is This?

Unto the Lord

Saturated by the Spirit

Power and Authority

Being a Selfless Servant

People of the Kingdom

BELOW TOPICS from 01.12.2014 - 02.08.2014
are at the link below:

Quick Fixes or Fruitfulness?

Frightened by Change

Controlled by the Flesh

Innocence. Service. Purpose.

Fame. Attention. Pride.

Turning the Other Cheek

The Call for Sinners

Like a Child

Experiencing Freedom

Acting as One

Keeping Secrets

Responding to the Crowds

Rich Toward God

Focused on God’s Priorities


Who We Worship

Transformed by a Vital Relationship

Dedicated to a Deeper Life


Found Trustworthy

Practice. Habits. Lifestyle.

Faulty Logic

True Heroes

Leaving All to Follow Jesus

Expectant in Prayer

The Power of Persistence

BELOW TOPICS from 02.09.2014 - 03.20.2014
are at the link below:

A Prophet Without Honor

Behind the Scenes

Calling Down Fire

A New Sense of Time

Working Hard, Unashamed

I Need Thee Every Hour

Nearer, My God, to Thee

Obstacles or Opportunities?

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Waiting on the Lord

Your Full Potential

Jesus Is Calling You

Security and Stability

Worthy of Your Calling

Finding Jesus

Darkness or Light?

An Unshakeable Foundation

Life-Changing Reality

Drawn into Darkness

Changed into His Likeness

A Bold Witness

Your Resurrection Victory

Where to Place Your Trust

The Cure for Fear

Your Appointment with Destiny

Life-Changing Choices

A Life of Power

Victory over the Enemy

Ready for His Return

Very Inspiring Daily Messages: 22 MAR 14 - 20 APR 14
posted by PureWord

BELOW TOPICS from 03.22.2014 - 04.20.2014
are at the link below:

Rescued and Free

The Only True Gospel

Your Calling and Purpose

Partners for the Great Commission

Bold Confidence

Living by Faith

A Little Leaven

Doing Good While You Can

Opinions and Interpretations

The Great Power of God

Free in Christ

Skilled Garment Makers

Trimming the Lamp

Completing God’s Work

Spiritual Warfare

The Law of God

A Place of Reflection

O Sacred Head

Unconditional Praise

Darkness or Light?

The Way of the Cross

Calm in Crisis

Jesus’ New Commandment

At Calvary

Behold, the Man

Christ Arose!

BELOW TOPICS from 04.20.2014 - 05.25.2014
are at the link below:

Your Victory in Resurrection

The Sting of Death

A Home When God Is There

An Equal Standing


Unstable Souls

Your New Beginning

Advancing the Gospel

The Sure Word of God

As Bad as It Gets

Light for Darkness

Uncompromising Truth

Your Eternal Goal

A Life of Integrity

Leaders Who Don’t Know God

Who Will Go?

The Light

The Sure Fulfillment of Prophecy

A Godly Mother-in-Law

Clear Guidance

Situation Ethics

Moral Compromise

Time to Reflect

Thriving Through Turmoil

Changing Behavior

A Tower or an Altar?

Ready and Available

Sowing After a Harvest

A Life of Giving

God’s Standard

Signs of the Times

BELOW TOPICS from 05.26.2014 - 06.28.2014
are at the link below:

Practical Tools for Success

Useless Sowing

Ready for the Thief

Your Assignment

God's Glory

Prepared in Midian

Who Am I?

The Focus of Your Song

The Miracle in the Desert

Obedience to God


Sudden Power

Send the Light

Ready for War

Humility and Favor

If Only


Priorities and Passion

Your Heavenly Father

Undivided Loyalty

Honored by God

With God on Your Side

Receiving Your Daily Bread

Personal Initiative

The Formula for Success

Consequences of Compromise

Perfect Health?

God's Perfect Plan

The Place of God’s Calling

Any Time, Any Place

Blessings of Covenant Relationship

Faithful and Victorious

BELOW TOPICS from 06.29.2014 - 08.05.2014
are at the link below:

Conditional Promises

Why? Where? How?

Changing History

Living in Denial

Spiritual Opposition

Free Indeed

The Cry for Independence

Caring about Your Country

A Biblical Foundation

The Impact of Light

Love for the Lonely

Power to Prevail

Tests and Trials

God Cares for You!

The Limitations of Gold

Compassion for the Needy

Jesus Shall Reign

God and Government

Holiness, Humility, Service

Satan’s Disguises

The Media and Your Mind

Passion for Souls

God’s Plan for Your Talent

Finding Real Solutions

The Real Power

Honor and Fame

Serious Prayer

The Blessings of God

Seeking Things Above

Now Is the Time

The Focus of Your Labors

Know Your Enemy

The Light of the World

Shrewd Lies

Abundance under Attack


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