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Vitamin C fights cancer -makes Hydrogen Peroxide nukes Cancer cells (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 03.16.2014

Vitamin C fights cancer -makes Hydrogen Peroxide nukes Cancer cells

Vitamin C fights cancer

Know anyone suffering from Cancer? Or just want to do some preventative maintenance. FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide nukes cancer cells. Read the article below from Dr Stengler a Holistic healing minded MD.

Remember - FOOD GRADE is not the hydrogen peroxide you buy in drug stores to bleach your hair, etc. You can buy it cheaply on the
internet. See where in the '1 Minute Cure' book.

Vitamin C has been underrated by conventional medicine for treating cancer patients for decades.

Well, the cat's out of the bag now as a major new study confirms that a powerful therapy used for decades in natural medicine can kill cancer cells without doing a drop of damage to normal cells.

It's plain old vitamin C.

In high enough levels, vitamin C causes the production of hydrogen peroxide in the blood, and hydrogen peroxide is like kryptonite to cancer cells. As a result, the C was able to wipe out both human and animal ovarian cancer cells when delivered alongside chemo in the new study.

That's a lab-dish experiment. But the study didn't stop there.

In a follow-up experiment on 27 human patients with stage III and IV ovarian cancer, vitamin C was shown to boost the cancer-fighting powers of chemo while limiting its toxic side effects.

In fact, the patients given vitamin C suffered almost no side effects at all, according to the study in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Amazing, right? Not really, actually, because this isn't exactly new. We've known about the cancer-fighting powers of vitamin C for decades.

What's really amazing is how effective Big Pharma and its government pals have been at hiding this from the public -- and they've been doing it in one of the most underhanded ways imaginable.

Back in the 1970s, a major mainstream study supposedly proved that vitamin C does nothing to fight cancer. But the study was designed to fail, testing only oral supplements instead of the high intravenous doses we know are so effective.

Ever since that little bait-and-switch, they've claimed research "proves" that C doesn't work against cancer, using the study to persecute (and even prosecute) any doctor heroic enough to offer this life-saving treatment.

The new study turns the tables, because this one finally used intravenous C instead of oral supplements -- and the results speak for themselves.

The reason for the big difference between oral and intravenous is something you can actually see -- something you almost certainly have seen if you've ever taken a vitamin C supplement and noticed your pee turn bright yellow afterward.

That happens because oral C passes through you very quickly. While your body can still use some of it as it flows through, it can never build up in the high levels needed to create the hydrogen peroxide I mentioned earlier.

Intravenous C can, as the new study shows quite clearly.

In this case, it was delivered alongside chemo. But in reality, I've found it can actually be used in place of chemo in many cases.

Whether or not you need chemo is a decision I'll leave up to you and your doctor. Either way, make sure vitamin C is part of your treatment -- and don't stop there.

Other nutrients that can help make cancer treatments more effective and less toxic when delivered intravenously include B vitamins, amino acids, glutathione and zinc.

Cancer cure - on the 859th page of the King James Bible?
See this VIDEO: HERE


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