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Is Flax seed oil & Cottage Cheese blended together a cure for Cancer? (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 03.04.2014

CAVEAT: I am not a doctor. Below is simply what I've found researching natural healing cures for years.

Is Flax seed oil & Cottage Cheese blended together a natural cure for Cancer?

Did a German doctor named Johanna Budwig, PHD discover an all natural cure for Cancer?

Scoop two-thirds of a cup of low fat, organic (if possible) cottage cheese into a blender. Add in 1/3 a cup of flax seed oil. Blend. Flax seed oil should be kept in the refrigerator after it is opened.

BASIS: All my natural healing research points to 2 undeniable facts about Cancer. CANCER thrives on 2 things. That is LACK of Oxygen & SUGAR.

Healthy cells, on the other hand thrive on Oxygen! Flood your system at the cellular level with Oxygen and just like Dracula in a vampire movie - Cancer cells shriek, and deteriate into nothing. What the above Flax seed oil & Cottage Cheese thing apparently does is this. Cottage Cheese gets changed into something other than a dairy product when blended with flax seed oil. Dr Budwig found that what cottage cheese gets changed into acts as a great way to deliver the oxygen in the flax seed oil to your cells at a cellular level.

FOOD Grade Hydrogen Peroxide nukes Cancer cellspost

For a 1-2 punch - to really flood your system with life giving oxygen and to knock Cancer back to the dark ages - why not also try/or together - the up to 25 drops of FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) & distilled water protocol. SEE that in my 'The One-Minute Cure' post below.

CALL IT HARMLESS OXYGEN THERAPY: Clean oxygen and clean water is likely why our early Patriachs in the Bible lived to be hundreds of years old.

The beauty of Oxygen therapy is - in my opinion - that it appears chemotheraphy is poisonous drugs that kill your healthy cells along with Cancer cells. More people likely die from Chemotherapy than from Cancer itself.

On the other hand, both this FLAXSEED OIL & COTTAGE CHEESE - and drops of FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide in distilled water - your system gets flooded with Oxygen at the cellular level. Oxygen is good - no fantastic for healthy cells, but deadly for Cancer cells.

/S/ Steve @


crushed apricot seeds?


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