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6 Yr High School. A Solution to College/University Nonsense? (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 02.13.2014

6 Yr High School. A solution to College/University Nonsense?
At the end of 2003, American students and graduates owed just $253 billion in aggregate debt; by the end of 2013, American students’ debt had ballooned to a total of $1.08 trillion, an increase of over 300%.

Read more: Student Loans Are A Drag On The Economy |

Is the 6 year High School the solution to the current LIBERAL College/University nonsense that teach students useless nonsense and leave them with nothing but $50 - $400,000 in debt? I say get rid of the College/University scam altogether... Why doesn't every High School begin giving College courses on nights & weekends - for a small tuition that gives the college course teachers a good salary - but not the hundreds of thousands that College & University teachers get for teaching just a few classes over and over - which could eaily be video taped. This could easily solve the student debt problem and make the Colleges & Universities reconsider their outrageously high tuition -- which put students just starting out in life -- in debt for $25k to $100k or much more. A BIG plus to this is that students should not have to be brainwashed by liberal teachers who now rule the college/university scene.

Has everyone forgotten that the cost of a public four-year college education, has risen by an eye-watering 250% over the past 30 years. This is scamming students and their parents. There is no rationale for this, except to pay unbelieavably high salaries to liberal College teachers who infect our children with liberal Democrat ideas.

Should High School Last Six Years in stead of 4?
New six-year tech high schools in Chicago to offer associate degrees
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/ February 28, 2012 12:40PM

Five technology giants will join forces with Chicago Public Schools and City Colleges to open six-year public high schools that allow students to graduate with an associate’s degree and the expertise they need to qualify for high-tech jobs.

IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola Solutions and Verizon will develop curricula, mentor students, provide summer internships and guarantee every student who completes the program a “first-in-line” job interview after graduation.

“We want to hire them all. All they need to do is be able to successfully complete a curriculum through Grade 9 to 14 that’s gonna be their ticket to a good-paying job and to the middle class,” said Stanley Litow, IBM’s vice-president of corporate citizenship and corporate affairs.



HOW IMPORTANT REALLY IS A $150k COLLEGE DEGREE? If you don't go into the military - where a bachelor's degree makes you an officer making big bucks and lets you travel the world - stand by for 'heavy rolls' in the civilian world. GOOD luck if you can even get into the U.S. military now, however. Just like after WWII and Vietnam - there is a huge CUTBACK ongoing now in the U.S. Armed services...

In the military, a bachelor's degree in micro-biology could land you a sweet job as an intelligence officer. Makes little sense, I know. Trust me. I worked under one of those ladies. My worst boss in my 21+ yr naval career.

'Long-term unemployment' _ one mom's story

Late last month, the federal government ended her unemployment benefits, six months after she was laid off from an administrative job.

Having passed that six-month mark, she had joined the ranks of the "long-term unemployed," a growing group of more than 1.3 million Americans for whom Congress recently declined to extend benefits. It is a label that Jurcak, a former teacher with two master's degrees, never expected would apply to her.

FINISH READING this at: Boston Herald


Just 56 percent of college students earn four-year degrees within six years, according to a 2011 Harvard Graduate School of Education study. Among the 18 developed countries in the OECD, the U.S. was dead last for the percentage of students who completed college once they started it ― even behind Slovakia.
Blaire Briody - The Fiscal Times



The School That Will Get You a Job
A new kind of education shows why four years of high school isn't enough

Chicago's South Side Sarah E. Goode School:
Kids at the school, which launched a year and a half ago, aren't called students but "innovators." They receive a hardcore focus on STEM skills (that's science, technology, engineering and math). And they take six years to graduate instead of the traditional four; the extra two years means they walk away with an associate's degree on top of their high school diploma.

Read more at:


That the lack of a college degree is not necessarily a handicap is well known. Microsoft and Apple were started by a couple of college dropouts, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It was the same with Facebook and Dell Computer, founded by dropouts Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell. All are billionaires, and there are many others.

Google: GPAs, test scores 'worthless'
Top candidates need 1 attribute, without which 'you are unable to learn'
by Bob Unruh

Harvard business degree. Top-of-class ranking and a 4.0 GPA is what top companies like Google are looking for in new talent, right?

Not right.

According to Google, the Internet behemoth that snaps up other companies like families buy groceries, the top quality it looks for in job candidates is the ability to learn.

Likewise, the crucial ability to step up and lead when needed – or “just as critically, do you step back and stop leading, do you let someone else?” explains Google Senior Vice President of Operations Laszlo Bock.

And what quality allows for all of these critical attributes? Believe it or not, “humility.”

In a New York Times interview on “How to get a job at Google,” Bock said, shockingly, that “GPAs are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless. … We found that they don’t predict anything.”

Even a college degree doesn’t make it, he said, noting that the “proportion of people without any college education at Google has increased over time.”

In some cases, a college degree may be a positive hindrance. As noted in another report, “Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates,” Bock cites a common error in “successful” people without intellectual humility:

FINISH READING this at: World Net Daily


8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment
READ this at:


Complete Directory of Top Accredited Online Schools, Online Colleges and Online Universities of 2014


Online Bachelor & masters degrees
U.S. News Releases 2014 Best Online Programs Rankings
Learn which programs placed No. 1 in this year’s rankings of online bachelor’s and master’s programs.


Student Loans Are Ruining Your Life. Now They’re Ruining the Economy, Too

American students are well over $1 trillion in debt, and it's starting to hurt everyone, economists say
By Sam Frizell

Chris Rong did everything right. A 23-year-old dentistry student in New York, Chris excelled at one of the country’s top high schools, breezed through college, and is now studying dentistry at one of the best dental schools in the nation.

But it may be a long time before he sees any rewards. He’s moved back home with his parents in Bayside, Queens—an hour-and-a-half commute each way to class at the New York University’s College of Dentistry—and by the time he graduates in 2016, he’ll face $400,000 in student loans. “If the money weren’t a problem I would live on my own,” says Rong. “My debt is hanging over my mind. I’m taking that all on myself.”


It turns out that Student Loans are MONEY MAKERS for the U.S. GOVERNMENT! You cannot declare them in Bankruptcy!

It turns out, the U.S. government is making a killing off these high-interest loans. Keeping Americans locked into interest rates of nearly 7% when borrowing costs are so low results in a tremendous profit.

Last year, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the 6.8% interest rate would earn the government about $184 billion over the next 10 years.

So it looks like, the LIBERAL Democrat U.S. Government has decided to tax Seniors who have smoked cigarettes since the 1920's and 1930's - and younger people who have Student Loans into OBLIVION - to ay for those who refuse to work or better themselves (Welfare). It certainly is Un-American to mess with the FREE Market the way the U.S. Congress has regarding the unbelievable cost of a pack of cigarettes -- that mainly is hurting seniors on fixed incomes. BUT know this. They also mess with younger people via the Student Loans fiasco.

Elizabeth Warren is a liberal Democrat who in my opinion lied her way into a becoming a HIGH paid Professor at Harvard - and kept it up till she made it to the Senate via Massachusetts LIBERAL Democrat voters. At one point she claimed minority Indian status which helped her -- but which turned out to be a lie. Historically: Indians in America sided with the British in the Revolution and the War of 1812. They murdered many American Patriots. Why, then should anyone who claims to be of Indian Heritage be given more rights than American Patriots?



If you’re graduating from college this year, count yourself lucky.

Just 56 percent of college students earn four-year degrees within six years, according to a 2011 Harvard Graduate School of Education study. Among the 18 developed countries in the OECD, the U.S. was dead last for the percentage of students who completed college once they started it ― even behind Slovakia.

College dropouts tend to be male, and give reasons such as cost, not feeling prepared, and not being able to juggle family, school and jobs, according to the Harvard study. An American Institutes for Research report last year estimated that college dropouts cost the nation $4.5 billion in lost earnings and taxes.



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