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Reason for Ocean swims - COLD Water Renews Cells...Instantaneously (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 01.05.2014

COLD Water (Hydrotherapy) Renews Cells...Instantaneously - ALSO boosts fat-loss

Cold water is an amazing healing tool.

There is an actual science called Hydrotherapy that heals and strengthens the body practiced by ancient Yogis and Swamis for thousands of years.

When cold water is applied to the body through showering, it opens up the capillaries and flushes blood deep into all of your internal organs.

Essentially, you are flushing your system with new blood and encouraging circulation.

When the capillaries open, the blood that was once in your system will have
no choice but to leave and new blood enters carrying more oxygen to nourish your body and re-generate cells.

Normally body cells recuperate themselves in seventy-two hours. Recuperation becomes slower as you become older. But practicing hydrotherapy stimulates the cells and cell regeneration instantaneously.

It is better even than exercising for hours…By doing any exercise for hours, you cannot stimulate your cell psyche to the extent that you can with cold water.

It is a way to stay permanently young!

Hydrotherapy boosts fat-loss



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