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Death By Toothpaste & Turmeric vice Mouthwash (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 12.27.2013

Death By Toothpaste & Turmeric vice Mouthwash


Turmeric Was More Effective Than Traditional Chemical Mouthwash for Gingivitis

In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Indian Society Peridontology, researchers compared the effects of a 0.1 percent turmeric mouthwash with those of a traditional 0.2 percent chlorexidine mouthwash for gingivitis. Although the turmeric solution was half as concentrated as the chlorexidine solution, it outperformed the traditional mouthwash in every area of assessment. The turmeric proved superior in reducing bacterial activity, plaque and gingivitis symptoms.

Death By Toothpaste
by Joshua Corn

Beginning in 1945, municipal governments across the U.S. began to fortify their water supplies with a form of fluoride quite different than the form of the compound found in natural lakes, rivers, and aquifers. The fluoride added to our drinking water (hexafluorosilicic acid) is generated as a by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry. This is a different chemical form than what is added to many toothpaste products (stannous fluoride). In my opinion, both forms pose serious health and cosmetic risks to our children and us.

Today more than ever, America is awash in toxic forms of fluoride added to drinking water, food, toothpaste, mouth rinses and other dental care products. Yet, even as government officials, trusted health organizations and toothpaste manufacturers eagerly promote the universal use of fluoride-laced toothpaste and drinking water for children and adults, not everyone is smiling.

Natural toothpaste is just as effective as traditional types of toothpaste, and doesn’t include the vast array of harmful ingredients found in the leading brands. I think most parents would be absolutely shocked to learn that their kids are mostly likely using a toothpaste loaded with toxic compounds linked to asthma, liver, kidney, and thyroid problems and even cancer. Worse yet, the vast majority of dentists endorse these brands as the “best solution” when, in fact, this is far from the case.



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