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Cancer: Can inducing fever KILL off all your Cancer cells? (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 12.09.2013

Cancer: Can inducing fever KILL off all your Cancer cells?


One of these treatments is a heat therapy, a kind of fever therapy where the temperature of the tumor is raised to the point where cancer cells die. Scientists have known since 1883 that a high fever kills cancer cells, while healthy cells remain unharmed.

In fact, some people get rid of cancer completely just because they happen to catch an infection that gives them a high fever!

And let me just say, don’t do this on your own.

These days, doctors at alternative clinics around the world have new technologies that induce an artificial fever that lasts just a few hours.

Oliver's recovery wasn't a fluke
The same “fever therapy” that helped save Oliver also saved Karl, a 57-year-old pilot. He beat colon cancer.

Then there’s Vida, a 45-year-old woman with a giant tumor in her lung. She underwent this treatment -- and within six weeks her tumor had disappeared.

The fever therapy also saved 42-year-old Dieter from stomach cancer 14 years ago. He’s still fine today.

Friedrich was saved from prostate cancer at age 60. He remains cancer-free.

This treatment also saved Edith from the brink of death. Her brain tumor shrank 50% within one week! She was still receiving the treatment at the time we met her, and was responding well.

But mainstream doctors and hospitals refuse to accept it, the same way they reject almost ALL alternative therapies.

READ MORE - and see their book 'The complete guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments' here.

*NOTE: does not make a penny off any recommendations. This is here because it may save the lives of you and/or your loved ones - neighbors and friends


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