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Are calcium supplements killing your heart? (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 03.12.2013

Are calcium supplements killing your heart?

An 11 year study published in the scientific journal 'Heart' showed that of the 24,000 subjects between the ages of 35-64 who they tracked - those in this group who took calcium supplements were more than 86% more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not take calcium supplements. A study in the British Medical Journal showed that those women they tracked who took 1000 mg of calcium or more a day had a 27% increase in having a heart attack. Another study, this time in Australia showed that of the group they studied who were taking calcium supplements - there was a 76% increase in heart attack deaths from those who didn't take calcium supplements. AARP has warned its readers that "There's growing evidence that (calcium supplements) significantly raise the risk of having a heart attack." Reference: AARP, 11 July 2012 - Science Daily reported in May of 2012, "Those who took calcium supplements were 86% more likely to have a heart attack."

Why do people take calcium supplements? The billion dollar industry of selling calcium supplements has convinced people that calcium supplements are the key to warding off osteoporosis and brittle bones often found in olde people.

Women and men still need about 600 - 800 mg of calcium a day. The same studies that show that calcium supplements lead to an extremely higher risk that you will have a heart attack, also found that getting your needed calcium from sources such as yogart, cottage cheese, milk, blackberries, and broccoli - does NOT raise your risk of heart attack. Low fat cheese may be another good choice. ALSO, Vitamin D3 - the sunshine vitamin has been found to have the ability to take calcium out of foods you eat and put it in the right place.


Can calcium supplements kill? The safe way to strengthen your bones

You need calcium to prevent osteoporosis. But calcium supplements have been linked to heart attacks, and were shown to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease in a recent Swedish study.

What researchers found should make supplement-poppers take notice: those who had the highest intake of supplementary calcium — 1400 mg a day or above — had double the risk of dying from any cause and a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those whose intake was a more moderate 600-1000 mg a day.

FINISH READING this at: NY Daily News

BIBLEPROBE.COM comment. I am not a doctor. I'm just a 'holistic (natural) healing' enthusiast. The following are just holistic type things everyone should look into. Below is my 'opinion' only:

I still think for a healthy body and mind the following are key: 1st - Vitamin D3 - the sunshine vitamin - in mega doses (Like 4000 IU's) it just may coach adult stem cells out of your bone marrow and rejuvenate ALL your organs including your heart. Studies are ongoing about that. But regardless, everyone needs vitamin D3 I think.

Also we will all one time or another need to deal with the years of plaque buildup in our arteries. If not, plaque will clog your arteries and surely take you down. Look into 'chelation' using a harmless amino acid known as 'EDTA' (Calcium Disodium EDTA). Try using this in skin creams that are becoming available -not pills. I think, in pill form, probably about 70-90% of the EDTA gets diluted in your stomach & liver, cutting their needed strength. And mega doses of EDTA (probably 700 - 1500 mg range) are needed to get into your arteries to be effective, I think. I think EDTA is a simple, safe way to help clean plaque out of your arteries. But it also likely strips vitamins & minerals along with the plaque - so 'chelating' needs to be done 'off & on' several days at a time, then stop and take vitamin/mineral supplements. Some Doctors who understand 'chelation' will give you EDTA intravenuously (also bypasses the stomach) at probably $1000 an hour+ long sitting - if your doctor determines you need it. The skin lotion is much, much cheaper. I've even seen EDTA used in baby food.

Do use COQ10 & baby aspirin regularly. Use Extra virgin (cold pressed) olive oil in small dosages, garlic, onions, red wine (w/ an additional 50 mg Resveratrol supplement pill); Nattokinase made from wet soy beans (it also thins the blood sa maybe alternate with the baby aspirin), and maybe some seaweed supplements that originate in deep ocean areas off the costs of Japan/South Korea & Hawaii - such as Ecklonia Cava & Astaxanthin. Those 2 may even improve your eyesight. As preventive maintenance against Cancer - look into 'Graviola pills' & periodic iodine supplement pills - such as a small iodine rich Kelp pill. Also, I think Chlorella is probably good for health for many people. Ground 'Turmeric' sprinkled into salt free pasta sauce after the sauce is cooked with added garlic - I believe can help your liver. If you drink too much you will need to detoxify. Always have a lot of fresh blueberries around, and take a few handfulls.

QUESTION: Is the lack of iodine in our diets the cause for huge jumps in cancer rates? Can something as simple as 'Graviola' and/or getting your needed iodine from 'sea Kelp' keep you from ever getting cancer? Graviola is a tree that grows in the Caribbean & South America. Aspirin also comes from a tree (bark) remember.

Also, is our lack of iodine in our diets the reason for the huge jump in Cancer numbers? Read about this very important topic at Google HERE: here

Most of all - in my opinion - stay clear of Tylenol. See why here:


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