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11 Dangerous Teenage Trends All Parents Should Know About (Health)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 11.22.2012

That's weird, my father was just telling me about two of those things this morning (bath salts and sanitizer-type products). It may be common knowledge to you, but it was news to me.. he said that hand sanitizers, mouthwash, and many of these products that kids are using to get 'drunk' don't have the same alcohol that actually gets you drunk. It gives you more of a 'high' because it is slowly killing you. The kind of alcohol that gets you drunk is ethanol, but in order to keep the cost higher for use in drinks, the E.P.A. mandates that one of 8 (?) chemicals be added to the ethanol when used for fuel... so trying to cheat the system and drink gasoline is basically a death warrant. Each of these 8 chemicals is a poison, they use a number of different types in order to keep people from figuring out the formula and distilling the alcohol. I like to know these things because I have two kids to worry about, I pray that they make the right choices... but it would also help if they knew the consequences of these things.

I remember kids when I was younger talking about doing that choking trick. They would bend over and pant heavily, stand and squeeze their necks until they passed out. I was looking into sleep apnea recently, I can see that the choking technique would not only damage the brain, but that lack of oxygen to the brain can cause heart disease. I don't know why kids would want to do these things. They don't tell adults or anyone who really cares about them, so they don't fully know the dangers... plus that invincible age where the "it could never happen to me" mentality drives you to do stupid things does not help!

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