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11 Dangerous Teenage Trends All Parents Should Know About (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 11.22.2012

Teens are using drugs and alcohol in scary new ways
By: Elizabeth Martinez

Teenagers are always pushing the envelope. The latest teen trends make the underage drinking games of yesterday look like child's play. Here's an inside peek at some of the dangerous things teenagers are doing today ... and that they will never tell you about.

Read about these at the below link:

1. Planking
The activity involves lying face-down on any surface. Once in position, the participant's friends take a picture and share it on the web through various social media outlets.

2. Vodka Eyeballing
This new trend involves pouring vodka directly into the eye, passing through the mucous membrane and entering the bloodstream through the veins around the eyeball.

3 The Choking game
This game creates a momentary high parallel to that caused by the use of certain drugs. The child uses various restraints to cut off the flow of blood to the brain, depriving it of oxygen.

4. Vodka Gummy Bears
News broke recently about YouTube videos that showed how to infuse candy with alcohol. Kids now have access to a step-by-step tutorial on how to soak gummy bears in vodka and consume them in plain view just about anywhere.

5. Smoking Smarties
Also fueled by internet tutorials, smoking smarties involve crushing the candy until it is in powder form.

6. Tampon Drunkenness
A tampon is soaked in alcohol and then inserted in a girl’s vagina or a boy’s rectum.

7. Distilling Hand Sanitizer
This inexpensive and very accessible product is easy for kids to get their hands on. Salt is used to separate the high quantities of alcohol found in hand sanitizer, which is then consumed.

8. Car Surfing
Teenagers climb on top of a car, hold onto the roof, and pretend to surf while the driver hits the pedal and drives.

9. Purple Drink
The drink includes a mixture of Sprite, Jolly Ranchers, and codeine cough syrup.

Once you're logged on, the site pairs you up with a stranger.

11. Bath Salts
This drug contains high levels of mephedrone, methylone, and MDPV, three drugs that cause hallucinations when smoked, snorted, or injected.



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