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Scrupulosity - excessively religious - OCD disease (Health)

posted by Delta(R), 06.20.2012

OCD means obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Scrupulosity is a variant of that mental disease

It is a terrible cross to bear

here is a first person testimony about this terrible inside pain

It is well known that in his early days as a monk, Luther was overwhelmed by feelings of utter depravity and terror of judgment.

It is claimed that, despite desperately wanting to please God, he was assaulted by anger and hatred towards God, urges to curse God and, during prayer, obsessing about the devil’s rear end.

It is frequently told how he threw an inkpot at a vision of the devil, but less well publicized is that he also threw an inkpot at a vision of Christ. I can only speculate, but perhaps Luther’s violent reaction was because the vision of Christ was sexual or in some other way grossly insulting to Christ.

The great reformer often suffered such depression that he wished he had never been born.


what do you think about this ?! maybe in your church, standing near to you when praying to our Lord, there can be someone tormented with this feelings or thoughts


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