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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Easter thoughts: Jesus raised the Old Testament Jewish Saints with Him (general)

posted by TheLightNTheWay(R), New York, 04.23.2011
(edited by TheLightNTheWay on 04.23.2011)

Happy East bibleprobe- and to all here in the forum.

Thank you for this.

It is true that in the physical realm as 'men' it is difficult to grasp and understand the things that God can do. Why? Well, because to start off with God has made the physical realm very limited in His Creation, the mathematics and physics of our world- and the principles- For example I can tell myself "fly Gerard, fly"! But I won't fly, no I'll be standing there and standing there forever. Things that are mystical and fantastic and that seem magical go contrary to a very necessary component of what God needs of us- of what He knows our Soul's need "Control"- So our world is very controlled by its principles. We, surely become accostomed to this 'reality' and God certain respects this and in doing so He does nothing that is 'odd' or 'exaggerated' He is perfect and makes no mistakes, not even 1.

So, what about miracles? Yes, miracles are very merciful breakthrough's that God allows in His ways.. ways that He knows will not interfere with the very delicate balance of our world, of our minds, and the ways we live. God is Glorious, always! And He comes around, Jesus- If He does something for you, and you realize just how almost 'risky' it is- to do so- Jesus knows we 'tell' everything to everyone! And Jesus knows that unless a thing happen to one 'personally' it will never mean much to another. He knows our ways. Even when Jesus performed a miracle, it wasn't enough. 'Perform another miracle' was the response. And even, He did, didn't matter. God knows our ways, we would ask for miracles every single day. And as soon as Jesus would say 'no more miracles' the world would say 'what use have we for you, then'?

If I know this, do you think God doesn't know this? And don't you know this?

Personally, I know these things of God. This creation is the most artistic work that any mind will ever 'see'. God's divine, glorious touch is everywhere in everything- All around us, in everything.. signs, symbols, metaphors, parables, in language, numbers, nature, in animals, among humans, the sky, the ocean- the sand- it's Him, Him, Him painted everywhere! In everything!

Praise God our Father- Praise His Plan of Salvation- Praise Death and Life and Meaning and Repentance and Love- And the Heart that grows of the Earth- To Live!

God my heart loves now. My heart loves You now (again) and with Your Time- it is now the kind of love that you have deemed True. You have searched me, changed me- I cried and cried- Who wouldn't cry to have that and then have to be alone again- What do I mean by this? I mean that when my spirit was with Your Spirit, Lord- How could I ever part with you? Only by Your Grace! Until that day Oh Lord. I will wait and pray forever for Your Grace to keep me. And, indeed, Your Word is always True and God's Grace is sufficient.

In dreams I have been to spiritual places- Never can I convey. No. I believe in the spiritual realm more than the physical- The bible shows us the 'flesh' and God's Word reveals Truth upon Truth- No man can deny that a Word written over 2000 years ago could hold Truths to the day. Including the very Truth of Jesus' Return and who can deny these truths?

And who could know that such things would come to pass as were written over 2000 years ago? God! For He saw it all happen before it happened. And then His Plan of Salvation was formed- The world was formed by His Word, alone! His only begotten Son, Jesus was born in the flesh- God, a man. Imagine the depth of this for a minute. Imagine, God, to fulfill His own death at the hands of 'men'? Whom God could destroy in a Word. Imagine now that this is what His "Love" is. There is no greater Love. Jesus laid down His life for us. God saw it all before it happened- Jesus saw 'His hour' before it came.

Don't be freightened, no one has to understand all God's ways and no one ever will! Still, The Holy Spirit can bring forth Truths that will allow Knowledge that will not 'freighten' but 'heighten' awareness and understanding.

God Bless


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