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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Abstaining from alcohol significantly shortens life (Health)

posted by TheLightNTheWay(R), New York, 04.19.2011

I know what you're saying BP- I know the reports are out there.. :)

It seems that once we come to see our world, in truth, we come to this place, it is a place of an awareness- that sin has cornered us and there is no escape. It's as though sin is a cancer of the soul, it spreads and it overtakes the body of life- per-mutating and spreading and contiminating all the souls who share this body of life- When this happens, The Master Surgeon, Our Lord and Savior surely must cut away the cancerous tumor that the earth has become. One of the most destructive elements to sin is pride because pride is ignorance- and sin becomes a comfort- A virus changing God's ways into Satan's ways. Like a Trojan, we are decieved and the world is under the rule of Satan- Sin becomes the norm? And when this cancer is terminal in our Lord's Knowledge- The end is close

And in this, we must be still, we must always pray and repent- And as for the 'day'- well the day of Judgement will come- personally I don't need to know the day or the hour- I only need to know that I have God in my heart and my life- and that feeling that He loves me- I have not turned Him away- because I have repented, He has forgiven me. Outside of repenting, surely my sins had turned Him away- I am just so thankful that I weeped for Him to Love me again. And I feel that Love of His, again. And now I pray for Salvation, every single day.

God Bless,



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