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Abstaining from alcohol significantly shortens life (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 04.16.2011

Fanatical Muslims won't want read this. In fact, I can see that many brain-washed Muslims will just outright deny the possibility that a little alcohol may in fact be good for you. Just continue drinking camel's wee for your ailments. And just continue relying in the made up Qur'an (Koran) for the wrong path to life after death... Imagine - your Qur'an teaching you not to even sip alcohol, when it just may turn out that a little is very, very good for you. Nobody can tell you otherwise.

Muhammad's demonically inspired Qur'an is literally dripping in evil and it is filled with historic, scientific, and simple mathematical errors. 1 in every 55 verses in the Qur'an incites Muslims to make war on non-Muslims. The Qur'an, is in fact a satanic blueprint for the art of deception, doubletalk, double-dealing and treachery. The word love is conspicuously missing from the Muslim Qur'an. Jesus also predicted the current dilemma of worldwide Muslim intolerance and fanaticism. Jesus warned that the day was likewise coming when religious zealots will kill Christians and think they are offering a service to God (John 16:2-4). Learn more about the evils of Islam here: /s/ Steve @

Study: Abstaining from alcohol significantly shortens life

New research shows that those who imbibe are less likely to die than those who stay dry.

A newly released study shows that regular drinkers are less likely to die prematurely than people who have never indulged in alcohol. You read that right: Time reports that abstaining from alcohol altogether can lead to a shorter life than consistent, moderate drinking.

Surprised? The tightly controlled study, which looked at individuals between ages 55 and 65, spanned a 20-year period and accounted for variables ranging from socioeconomic status to level of physical activity. Led by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin, it found that mortality rates were highest for those who had never had a sip, lower for heavy drinkers, and lowest for moderate drinkers who enjoyed one to three drinks per day.

Of the 1,824 study participants, only 41 percent of the moderate drinkers died compared to a whopping 69 percent of the nondrinkers. Meanwhile, the heavy drinkers fared better than those who abstained, with a 60 percent mortality rate.

Despite the increased risks for cirrhosis and several types of cancer, not to
mention dependency, accidents and poor judgment associated with heavy
drinking, those who imbibe are less likely to die than people who stay dry.

Finish reading this here:


Why Do Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers?

One of the most contentious issues in the vast literature about alcohol consumption has been the consistent finding that those who don't drink actually tend to die sooner than those who do. What about the French "paradox"? They eat saturated fat foods, but drink red wine and live longer...

Read more:,8599,2014332,00.html

Alcohol versus Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
In a recent study in the journal Rheumatology, researchers asked about 1,800 people about their alcohol-drinking habits and RA.

They found that people who had at least one drink three or more days a week were four times less likely to have RA than nondrinkers.

Read more here:,,20444194_6,00.html


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