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what is the third "measure of meal"? (bibles-scripture)

posted by mrperkins(R), 08.30.2010

Your observation is interesting to me,
You noted that the Old Testament is the first measure, the New Testament is the second and you want to know what the third could be. I believe the third measure could be other scripture. There is a book called, The Book of Mormon. It is a part of the LDS church, of which I am a member. The is another witness of Jesus Christ. I invite you to look into it at
Another thing I'll mention is that there are other references in the Bible to other books, some referenced directly, but not found in the Bible, and some prophesied to come by God at a later date. One example is the two "sticks" mention in Ezek. 37: 16-17, 19-20. These sticks are written on. It is inferred that by stick they authors of the scriptures likely meant scroll, upon which they might write. From this passage the Bible is symbolized by the stick of Juda, written, by the tribe of Juda. The stick of Ephraim is a symbol for the Book of Mormon. Its authors were decendents of Ephraim.
Pretty neat huh!


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