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Important: Forget all and everything about any denominational DOGMA and Doctrines, and leave your denominational prejudice about any particular denomination(s) at home, and you'll do fine on this Non-denominational board...


1. Posts criticizing Jews or Christian denominations may be deleted. This is a Message Board for Christians and Jews; branches of the same tree.  Mormons are not considered "mainline" Christians as their beliefs about the Trinity, the sacrificial death of Jesus, who Jesus really is, and many other things - are very far removed from what the majority of Christians believe, and from what scripture, and the Apostles of Jesus taught.  Jehovah Witnesses are not Christians.  But they do honor the Father.

2. Christians please post responsibly, as if you are speaking with Christians  who already understand: (a) We are saved by the Grace of the Lord only, (b) Faith in the Lord and His sacrificial sufferings, death and resurrection are a prerequisite to obtaining Grace.

3. We understand that Christians are excited about their relationships with the Lord and the Holy Spirit --- but posts continuously reminding us of the above get very tedious to read over and over. These posts may get deleted if they are not done within the context of a relevant discussion.

4. Do not post lists of Scripture quotations, unless they are directly relevant to a discussion. We love to see the Word of God. But please remember that these too get tedious when they are posted over and over.

5. Please come here to discuss Bible issues and other issues relevant to Christians and Jews. But, please DO NOT come here to preach. Any posts suggesting the poster thinks he/she is saved and others on this board are not --will be deleted.

6. Posts by anyone other than a Christian or Jew may be deleted without notice.

7. Please post subjects that are similar into threads already started.


Try to remember to choose a "category" if it is a NEW post/NEW thread.

If no category is really, really germane to your post -- then DO NOT choose any category. Post with the default "general" category.


WHEN REPLYING TO A POST --you do not have to make any decision. Your reply will automatically be posted under the category the thread is in.

10.  DO NOT post in all CAPS.  In internet etiquette this is considered shouting.  It is also an eye sore.

11. Please use one and only one Handle when posting.

12. Why REGISTER? Those who register have their email protected from spammers.  Registered users can also EDIT their own messages.  And should this board come under outside "attack", only Registered Users will be able to post.

IMPORTANT: Once you Register, DO NOT log out!  The system will keep you logged in.  Write down your password.  I keep a simple TEXT (.txt) file on my Windows' desktop, and put things like passwords in it. 


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