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Jehovah Witnesses

They have re-written Scripture to fit their false teachings

We have no doubt that most Jehovah Witnesses are good, God-fearing people who are loved by God.  Jehovah Witnesses are in fact untiring in their efforts to spread the truth about God the Father (Jehovah).  What they do they do with sincere love of God and of their neighbor. 

But, all the deceit and lies that Jehovah Witneses tell about Jesus, so that their goal of convincing people that there is no Triune God (One God, with 3 distinct natures) is what is ultimately responsible for dragging untold numbers of innocent souls to Hell - which they don't believe in, by the way.

WHY ARE JEHOVAH WITNESSES ' Befuddled'' OVER A TRIUNE GOD? First, God is Spirit per Jesus's own word. Nobody can ever understand the nature of a Spirit relative to a human.  Can a Dog realy ever understand the true 'nature' of a man or woman? Of course not. 

Moses in Deuteronomy speaks of a Triune God.  Perhaps Jehovah Witnesses first got befuddled by Deuteronomy 6:4 where Moses says; "Hear O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one." The Hebrew word for "one" in this passage is 'echad', which in Hebrew refers to a combined unity.  From the root word meaning to unify or collect together. In the Bible 'echad' often refers to the combining of two or more things. A few other examples in Scripture where the word 'echad' is used are in Genesis 2:24: "The two shall be one flesh". The two dreams that Joseph interpreted for the Pharaoh are describes being 'one'. (Genesis 41:25-26). 


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